Idle Space Navy Devnote XXXVI

Greetings, Commanders! There’s been precious little news since Devnote XXXV kicking off 0.10’s development, and there’s been a major reason for this: My vertigo from 2021-22 has recurred, and at the same time as I’m suffering from an as yet undiagnosed stomach ailment. I’m scheduled for a doctor appointment on Monday, so we’ll see how […]

Idle Space Navy Devnote XXXV

Kicking Off 0.10 So, it’s been a bit longer of a release cycle than I planned – a moderate illness followed by the loss of my sister derailed my energy – but now that I’ve recovered, I’m pleased to announce that the development of the 0.10 sequence has officially commenced! Here’s what all 0.10.0 will […]