Idle Space Navy logo

based upon Idle Space Raider and Transport Defender by Yaroslav ‘IDNoise’ Nikityshev, developed with permission

The galaxy is a dangerous place. Why not let your fleet fight for you?

Idle Space Navy is an idle/incremental game currently in active development by Arynnia. The premise is simple – you’ve assumed command of a local fleet, and now it’s up to you to patrol space, collect resources, and increase your power by upgrading and purchasing ships, weapons, and more.

As of right now, the game has the following features:

  • Purchase and position your ships on the map grid, then outfit your ships with your choice of weapons. (4 basic ships and 4 weapons in version 0.05.)
  • Use credits to upgrade the power of your ships, boosting their damage output.
  • Refine scrap fragments into metal ingots in the Foundry to upgrade even further through the Shipyard.
  • Reset to earn calibration chips to unlock and upgrade whole ship and weapon classes, and boost fleet-wide capabilities through the Laboratory’s upgrade system.

This is but a small sampling of what’s to come in Idle Space Navy, with the following planned features to be included in the version 1.00 release:

  • Dozens of Shipyard and Laboratory upgrades, ships, and weapons to choose from..
  • Fit your ships with Modules to boost their performance, or fit capital ships with Beacons to drive the whole fleet to even greater heights of power.
  • Use Abilities to provide temporary bonuses to your fleet’s capabilities.
  • Send crew on Contracts to retrieve Asteroids, collect more credits, or hunt for temporary Modules or Beacons – and more.
  • Find artifact fragments you can give to the alien races in the sector, improving relations and unlocking even better technologies and more upgrades.
  • Get quantum computing technology, using qubits to reach your fleet’s ultimate potential with high-value upgrades.
  • Earn progress offline in a system to be designed as development continues.
  • Participate in events which provide unique opportunities.
  • Don’t want to click on everything as it happens? Use the robust automation system, unlocked and upgraded through research, and develop it to the point where the game plays itself for you!

Idle Space Navy is currently being self-released by Phoenix Aura and is free to play. In the future, there will be a system to obtain small gameplay boosts through in-game purchases, but these will not be required (and you will earn the currency for these boosts at a small rate through normal play). For now, if you want to support development, go back to the home page and check out the “Support Phoenix Aura” links. Also, as development continues, we’ll be looking at release options such as Steam for more secure releases.

Want to play Idle Space Navy? Download version 0.05.1 (Google Drive link) and extract it to a folder of your choice! ISN is currently available on both Windows and macOS, though additional platforms are expected to be added as development allows. All ISN files are checked for viruses before being uploaded – if you encounter an issue, please reach out!

Want to join the ISN community? Join us on the Idle Space Navy Discord server! The ISN Discord is also the current way to submit bug reports, until a Google Form is set up for bug report submissions.