Current Video Productions

Gaming Videos

Phoenix Aura VlogCast: The Phoenix Aura VlogCast is Arynnia’s regular dish of channel news, vlogging, and mini-podcasting, with a side of random games (expect a lot of Bejeweled or some idle game, though). New episodes return October 28, and will air every Friday on Phoenix Aura (YT).

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duels of the Phoenix: Arynnia takes on the Yu-Gi-Oh! PC games, starting with Legacy of the Duelist, in a Let’s Play series. Active production, first episode expected to premiere October 2022 on Arynnia (YT).

Nomifactory Odyssey: The spiritual successor to Omnifactory, another pack the Great Phoenix has done streams of, Nomifactory’s new developments promise a new adventure. Active production, first episode expected to premiere October 2022 on Arynnia (YT).

The Phoenix Review: Some long-time viewers suggested and supported a game review series. Well, it’s on the way, but will also include discussions and news on the gaming industry as well! Active production, first episode expected to premiere November 2022 on Arynnia (YT).

The Celestial Voyage: Returning to the skies of the Kerbal universe, this new series will be edited and written as if to be a narrated history of the Kerbals’ celestial voyage. Active production, first episode expected to premiere November 2022 on Arynnia (YT).

Factorio Extreme: More than 130 mods enter our Factorio adventure, giving our escape from Nauvis new complexity. Active production, first episode expected to premiere November 2022 on Arynnia (YT).

Stream Series

Minecraft Mondays: Arynnia explores a plethora of Minecraft versions and modpacks. Mondays at 10:30p ET starting 24 October 2022.

Countdown to 1982: Taking the Kerbals into the “real world”, Arynnia attempts manage the space program to a manned landing on Mars by the end of 1982. Returns Tuesdays at 10:30p ET starting 25 October 2022, old episodes on The Aurarchive (YT) coming soon.

War Games Wednesday: Arynnia gets her hands dirty with all manner of military games and tactical strategy games. Wednesdays at 10:30p ET starting 19 October 2022.

Game of the Week: Every week, the Epic Games Store releases a new game for free. Join the Great Phoenix as she checks them out. Thursdays at 10:30p ET starting 20 October 2022.

Chatterbox: Sometimes, Arynnia would just like to sit down and chat about whatever. Chatterbox is where it’ll happen. Saturdays at 10:30p ET starting 22 October 2022. Chatterbox may be pre-empted by streams that have been canceled during the week.

Anything Goes: The weekly Sunday stream will be a surprise! It could be a stream re-airing from the archives, could be some random game that doesn’t fit anywhere, could be a crazed set of rambles a la Chatterbox. Sundays at 10:30p ET starting 23 October 2022. Anything Goes may be pre-empted by streams that have been canceled during the week.

Pre-Production Series

Gaming Videos

Game Shows

Super Millionaire Series 4: The biggest Phoenix Aura game show will be making a return, and be bigger and better than ever. Target premiere early 2023.

Millionaire Shootout: A whole new spin on the very nature of Millionaire, two players go head to head to see who gets to go up the money ladder. Target premiere early 2023.

Super Jeopardy!: Jeopardy takes on a new meaning as a third level of the game emerges, more Daily Doubles enter the picture, and the risks (and rewards) get bigger than ever. Target premiere mid-2023.

Deal or No Deal: Contestants get to choose one of twenty-seven cash prizes, and face the Banker to win up to ten million sigils. Target premiere 2023.

Other Series

Goddard’s Dream: For centuries, humanity has either envisioned or taken part in the exploration of space by means of rocketry. Arynnia chronicles the history of spaceflight from the 1860s to the modern day. Target premiere spring 2023.

Future Series

Gaming Videos

Echoes of Diablo: The Great Phoenix plays her way through the Diablo series of games. Coming soon.

Untitled Final Fantasy XIV Series: Early planning is underway for a series on Final Fantasy XIV. Coming soon.

Untitled City of Heroes Series: Early planning is underway for a series on the returning City of Heroes fan servers. Coming soon.

Stream Series

Phoenix Aura DevCast: Arynnia is working on coding an assortment of games. Join her for some coding lessons and just general chatter about the projects and other things. DevCast streams will replace Chatterbox when they commence. Coming soon.

Mars and Beyond: The second season of Countdown to 1982Mars and Beyond will pick up from either the Mars mission’s successful landing on the Red Planet – or the end of 1982 if no such landing takes place. Coming soon.

Other Series

Phoenix Aura EduCast: Phoenix Aura’s not all about games – we’ll also be working up a series of educational videos. Coming December 2022.

Q & Aryn: Arynnia tries her hand at answering life’s burning questions – at least, those the viewers send to her. Coming soon.

Phoenix Aura Games

Active Development

Vector Defense: A twist on a tower defense game where you try and defend the last data hub against those trying to corrupt your networks. Coming 2023.


Crystal Corporation: An expansive idle game about collecting assorted types of fanciful crystals – and using them to break the universe. Coming 2024.

Idle Isotopes: An idle game about the building blocks of our universe. Coming 2024.


Idle Economics: Not just about making money – or is it? Release target 2024.

Untitled RPG: An RPG project in early development and design. Release target 2025.

The Ultimate Idle Game: A project to create the most in-depth, expansive idle game in existence. Release TBD.