Welcome to Phoenix Aura Studios

0.10.7 IS LIVE!

The Creative Journey

Since 2019, Arynnia has been providing entertainment to her small community of followers and fans on YouTube and Twitch. After an extended illness in 2021, however, some aspects of the creative journey unfortunately fell by the wayside.

Now, as the fourth anniversary of the first flight of the Phoenix approaches, Phoenix Aura Studios is gearing up to bring all the old magic back – and bring out new things for people to enjoy!

From the development and release of Idle Space Navy, to the release of additional games, to new and unique ways to use YouTube and Twitch, with more coming down the road, there should be something for everyone to enjoy from Phoenix Aura!

Message from The Great Phoenix

As Phoenix Aura moves toward the end of its fourth year as an operation and into its new future as a formally founded business, I’m looking forward to the steps that come ahead.

With stability in my home life growing at last, I am rededicating myself to providing great and regular entertainment for those who want to join me on this creative journey.

There will be old favorites returning as well as new items debuting on the video channels – and with new games in the works, I believe you’ll like what’s coming, no matter who you are.

For now, as always, take good care of yourselves and each other.