Welcome to Phoenix Aura Studios!

Please note – we are very much working on things here. Some things might not work or will not be functional yet. We’ll also have additional pages on the way soon.

Phoenix Aura Studios seeks to create entertaining YouTube and Twitch content (primarily videos and live streams), and is now expanding into game-building and non-gaming YouTube content. All of Phoenix Aura’s links are presented here, and the Phoenix Aura news, updates, and eventual forum will be added to the website – along with the move of our donation/support system in the long run to the website.


Arynnia’s YouTube

Join the Great Phoenix for gaming videos and content.

Phoenix Aura YouTube

Phoenix Aura’s non-gaming channel will have VlogCasts and new series.

Arynnia’s Twitch

Streams every Monday and Tuesday at 10pm ET and Thursday-Saturday at 6pm ET. Come join us for various games and other streams!

The Aurarchive on YouTube

The collection of Arynnia’s streams starting with the Phoenix Aura era, with occasional uploads of other streams. Uploads happening now!


Phoenix Aura Discord

The Discord is the best place to find out about upcoming Phoenix Aura content. This is the best way to join the flight of the phoenixes!

Arynnia’s Twitter

Arynnia’s still new to this whole Twitter business, but hey, might as well give it a shot.


Arynnia’s StreamLabs Tips

StreamLabs tips are currently the best way to support Phoenix Aura. You can tip either once or on a regular basis – and monthly tips have fewer fees than Patreon, plus you’ll still get benefits!

Phoenix Aura Patreon

Patreon is the common means to support channels, and Phoenix Aura has a Patreon as well!

Arynnia’s Twitch

You can also support by subscribing to or cheering bits on Arynnia’s Twitch – and if you have Amazon Prime, you can subscribe for free!

Arynnia’s StreamLabs Merch

Arynnia even has some merch thanks to StreamLabs – feel free to check it out!