Idle Space Navy Devnote XXVII

Kicking Off 0.08

After quite a chunk of time without a new release for various reasons, it’s finally time to get started on the development of ISN 0.08.0 – the most significant upgrade to Idle Space Navy so far. While the 0.07 sequence made some significant changes to the game, 0.08.0 will introduce the second major reset tier – the Artifact System – as well as a multitude of new items, the completion of the art overhaul, and more. Here’s a more in-depth look at what’s coming:

  • The Artifact System is the core of the second prestige tier for Idle Space Navy. Once you reach the highest levels of the game, you’ll start receiving Potential Artifact Fragments from high tier missions, as well as receiving a small number as level-up bonuses. Upon prestiging, these Artifact Fragments will be collected and granted to you to distribute to the alien powers of the Galaxy in order to receive additional bonuses, access to additional items and upgrades, and higher levels in existing upgrades.
    • The first galactic power introduced in the Artifact System will be the Terran Union. So far, the Union has been your primary benefactor, and their upgrades specialize in boosting your ships’ raw damage, providing you with new Kinetic weapons, and new standard ships. Terran ships and items have no unique bonuses, but are the easiest to access and purchase.
  • Neutron Stars replace Neutronium as the premium currency. Neutron Stars grant 10 Neutronium each upon receipt, but also grant a small proportion of Neutronium daily along with your Daily Rewards.
    • Neutron Stars will be able to be purchased. The exact cost and purchasing method is still being established, whether it is directly in game or via the website. Per Steam’s requirements, Steam Wallet will be an eligible means of payment.
    • Payment will not be required to receive Neutron Stars. Neutron Stars will be granted regularly through Daily Rewards, but if you want to support development and receive a boost, purchasing extra Neutron Stars is available. We appreciate any support you provide!
  • There will be new options for using Neutronium. Neutronium can be used to purchase random Temporary Modules or Boosts on top of making permanent upgrades, should you desire an additional few items or are seeking a potential rare module.
  • There will be additional tiers of Temporary Boosts introduced in 0.08.0, as well as additional basic Temporary Modules to match the types provided by Temporary Boosts.
  • Daily Rewards will be enhanced, providing not only Neutron Stars (replacing Neutronium), but also random items and resources, such as free Boosts or Modules. The reward calendar will be extended from 7 days to 20.
  • The Frigate will be introduced as a researchable ship.
  • The Destroyer will be the first Artifact System unlocked ship as part of the Terran Union tree.
  • Upgraded versions of the basic Kinetic weapons will be introduced as part of the Artifact System.
  • New Laser-type weapons will be introduced as researchable weapons.
    • Laser-type weapons will have extremely high projectile speed and quick firing rates, but will have lower damage relative to Kinetic- or Explosive-type weapons to start.
  • New Shipyard and Lab upgrades will be introduced, both available as standard and unlocked through Artifact research.
  • Several additional UI features are planned, including reorganized information in the Calibrator, additional information hovers, and more.
  • Additional Tutorial System information and mechanics will inform people of the best times to make their first Ship or Weapon purchases.
  • A new enemy type, the Sector Boss, is going to be introduced in version 0.08.0.
    • Sector Bosses will have significant health, and may have other unique bonuses such as increased reinforcement or other capabilities.
  • The Statistics System is going to be introduced, in order to give people information about how their game has progressed.

With all this included, the development of 0.08.0 is going to be significant – and the release target for this version is October 2023 for a few reasons. First, I want to make sure that ISN 0.08.0 is ready to roll out with as few bugs as possible. Second, the new Artifact System will require a bit of testing to determine just where the threshold for unlocking it will be. Third, Steam prefers that updates to games during the review period be minimal, so the release of a major overhaul like 0.08 needs to be delayed until after the Steam release of 0.07.3, which is currently slated for late September.

Speaking of, the Store Page construction for ISN on Steam is nearly done – I just need to finish a few areas and then upload the builds of ISN 0.07.3 for review and testing by Steam, and then we’ll have a definite release date!

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to setting to work on 0.08.0, and I hope everyone enjoys it when it comes out even despite the long wait (2 months or more between 0.07.3 and 0.08.0)!