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Holy 0.08, Batman!

The 0.08 sequence has finally hit – and has it been intense! The first version in the sequence, 0.08.0, went through 7 or 8 patches before even two hours had gone by. After that rough start, three more bugfix releases have come to give us 0.08.3 and hopefully the first fully stable version of the 0.08 sequence. With such a large change to the game, I’m not surprised we’ve had a pile of bugfixes.

What may be surprising is that we’ve got even more changes likely coming in the 0.09 sequence. I’ve got a move coming soon – I’ll finally be able to get out of my current environment, which has been very damaging to my mental health – and I’m not sure that 0.09 development will start before then. The current target for 0.09.0 is by the end of the year.

In the meantime, I’m opening up a series of discussions about the game’s planned features and rebalances for 0.09 on the Phoenix Aura Discord. Make sure you join, accept the rules, and get the Idle Space Navy role to take part in the planning for ISN’s future!

Here’s what’s currently slated for 0.09:

  • The second and third alien powers for the Artifact system.
  • Expansion of the Terran Union upgrades, including the Destroyer.
  • The Frigate as the final basic ship.
  • Two more basic Laser weapons.
  • Sector Bosses.
  • Finishing the rework of Daily Rewards.
  • Neutron Lab rework.
  • Rebalancing of ships and the Shipyard.
  • Anti-cheat methods.
  • Prototype of the Achievements system.
  • Offline earnings prototype.
  • New Map system.