The Case of the Missing Phoenix

Well, it has been a hot minute, hasn’t it? My last devnote was on 29 October, and my last mini-updates were in early and mid-November. The main reason for this is first that I was moving, but I also had a sinus issue turn into an upper respiratory infection that’s left me kind of drained. I’ve been slowly working on rebalancing the Yard and Lab, which are now much better balanced. Adding to the smoothness the rebalances have added is a reduction in base waves from 50 to 30, nearly doubling the game’s base speed.

Quality of life is definitely the name of the game for the updates in 0.09.0’s development. I’ve added bulk buy to the Foundry, and the Shipyard is next on the menu. It’s also going to get a redesign to more closely match the Artifacts screen – as will the Lab – in order to provide players with the information and the checks they need to make sure they’re buying the best upgrades.

I’ll also be working on the in-game Information Codex, which will give players more information (of course) on the game’s various mechanics. This will hopefully save questions on how the game is meant to work, and will be a supplement to the game’s information pages on the Phoenix Aura Wiki (currently in the works – stay tuned for more).

After that will be the content additions for 0.09, so there’s definitely a lot to look forward to in this update. Stay tuned for more updates on 0.09!