You asked. We answered.

The amount of feedback on Idle Space Navy since the Steam release in 0.07.4 has been astounding. Much of it has been about the user interface and the game’s learning curve.
Now, however, Idle Space Navy 0.09.0 gives us a redesigned, more informative user interface for the Shipyard and Lab, better Daily Rewards, offline progress, and new Neutronium stuff.
Here’s the full changelog for Idle Space Navy 0.09.0 – or you can check out the new Idle Space Navy for yourself on Steam:
  • Two new Lab-unlockable Laser weapons added.
  • Purchase Neutron Stars for instant Neutronium as well as bonus Neutronium every day.
  • Artifacts Tier 5 added for the Terran Union.
  • Two new Artifact-unlockable Terran Union Ships added.
  • Two new Terran Union Laser-type weapons.
  • Two new Terran Union Artifact upgrades.
  • The Centauri Conglomerate, the second Alien Power.
    • 8 new Artifact upgrades relating to Scrap and the Foundry.
  • Earn Time Crystals offline, and use those on in-game resources.
  • Base number of waves per sector reduced from 50 to 30.
  • Shipyard costs and powers rebalanced.
  • Ship costs and powers rebalanced.
  • Replaced map management system.
    • All map coordinate upgrades purchased in Lab will be refunded.
    • Due to the new map system, all items will need to be placed again.
    • Lab IDs have been revised.
  • Revised ship and weapon unlocking in Lab and Shipyard.
  • Asteroids and related systems (except upgrades) have been disabled and will remain so until 0.11.
  • Sun Crystals replace Neutronium as the daily reward.
  • Buy 10/100/1000 added to Foundry and Shipyard.
  • Buy Up to 10x added to Lab.
  • Lab UI redesigned to match Artifact style.
  • Shipyard UI redesigned to match Artifact style.
  • Standardized UI buttons on a green highlight when active.
  • Sector Completed pop-up can be disabled.
  • Fixed funky math regarding wave reduction.
  • Fixed bug with artifact fragments not showing on startup.
  • Fixed calibration chips not being reset on artifact collection.
  • Fixed bug in XP pop-up.
  • Fixed bug in automates regarding unlockable upgrades.
  • Fixed bug in Lab’s damage level cap Artifact upgrade.
  • Fixed a bunch of other bugs I can’t remember right now.