January 2024 Studio Update

There's More Here Than Just Idle Space Navy

January 2024 has been easily one of the most eventful months in Phoenix Aura’s history, and it’s not just with the release of Idle Space Navy 0.09 – let’s take a look at everything that’s happened and everything that’s next.

Idle Space Navy 0.09 has been epic! I had doubts as to whether or not people would pick the game back up with the updates of UI Overhaul II – and whether or not anyone would support the game’s development. I’ve been astounded to see the game make nearly $200 (net) in just the first 5 days, and daily active users have doubled or more from pre-0.09. We’re up a few bugfixes to 0.09.3, and unless there’s any further bugfixes needed, I plan to start development of Idle Space Navy 0.10.0 in the first week of February. Around the same time, though, I’ll be working up the long-awaited Linux release of Idle Space Navy on Steam.

A quick note on Neutron Stars, though. I’m told that people are evidently feeling pressured into buying Neutron Stars within the game itself. This was never my intention. The game is designed in such a way that Neutronium is a bonus, and there are also ways to earn Neutron Stars. Daily Rewards are the current one, but Neutronium and even Neutron Stars will also be available once Achievements launch in 0.10 or 0.11, so buying Neutron Stars is only there if you want to support development.

What’s next in the video game world? I’ve got more projects I’m starting early development on – a website-based idler (working title Base 10), an idler/tower-defense hybrid (Vector Defense), and a RPG of some description (as yet unnamed). Very little of this is planned yet, but expect more to come over the next few months.

What about videos? I’ll be doing some reading for the SCP Security Briefings as well as Arynnia Reads, a new series on Phoenix Aura where I start reading public domain books. As for game videos, I’m a bit unsure what videos I want to move toward first – and how I want to do them, whether live recording or a lot of post-production narration. (This also depends on what game I decide to play).

There’s something else coming soon, too – I’m finally coming out with my first two game show-type items in some time. Two trivia things, a shorter version of Trivia League and a finalized version of Trivia Touchdown, will be announced and opened for sign-ups in February!

As always, please support Phoenix Aura to help me bring these to fruition faster – whether by buying Neutron Stars in Idle Space Navy or by using one of the options in the link in this article (and the “Contribute” button at the top of the page).

Until the next studio update!