Phoenix Aura Studio Update June 2024

Whoa, Stuff is Happening!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a general studio update as opposed to an ISN Devnote, so I figure it’s time to talk about the state of things and future plans.

Idle Space Navy. Version 0.10.7 is out now, and a patch to it will be coming out in the morning or early afternoon to fix something weird that cropped up. I’m pretty confident that this will make the 0.10 sequence stable, and so attention will be turning to 0.11. I plan on taking June off from active development on ISN just to let the game earn some playtime and more feedback on the updates in 0.10, but I plan to start development on the 0.11 sequence at some point in July for a mid-August launch. More details on the early plans for 0.11 will be coming in a Devnote soon.

What will I be doing in the meantime? Well, there’s a few things I’ve been meaning to work on. For starters, I’m going to be testing a move of the website onto a self-hosted solution (and updating the content on it), as well as rolling out a wiki for Idle Space Navy and future games. Second, I’m working on a bit of a project I’ve been commissioned to do. Finally, there are some other games and content that I’m wanting to work on more intensely.

What’s this I hear about a blog? You heard right. I’ve entered the blogosphere, or at least the Substack-o-sphere? My new Substack, Thoughts of Phoenix, is now live with its first post (mostly what to expect), and with its first actual post coming tomorrow. Please consider subscribing, whether you do so for free or support this new, more personal endeavor of mine through a paid subscription.

Speak of, where does all the money go? A lot of places, actually. For starters, even just releasing my games requires roughly $400 a year for code certificates and the Apple Developer Program. On top of that, the stuff I use for editing and producing videos is significant (over $100 a month! – and yes, I am going to be making videos again) and there are the various costs associated with running this website. If I can get more support, I want to build more cool stuff for Discord, purchase assets I can use in games, and maybe even contract an editor on a per-video basis so I can make new videos even easier…?

Either way, please consider supporting Phoenix Aura by clicking the “Contribute” button in the top menu. Every bit of support helps me produce more content and move one step closer to doing this full time. I may even have a supporter drive soon, so we’ll see what happens there.

Stay tuned for my first actual Thoughts of Phoenix post, the patch to ISN 0.10.7, and more stuff coming soon!