January 2024 Studio Update

January 2024 Studio Update There’s More Here Than Just Idle Space Navy January 2024 has been easily one of the most eventful months in Phoenix Aura’s history, and it’s not just with the release of Idle Space Navy 0.09 – let’s take a look at everything that’s happened and everything that’s next. Idle Space Navy 0.09 has been […]

End 2023 Studio Update

End of 2023 Studio Update A Happy New Year Coming Soon! Well, it’s the end of 2023. We’re into Year Five of the creative journey, and I’ll be the first to admit that 2023 has not been the huge comeback I wanted it to be. I’ve been streaming slightly more consistently, but definitely not up […]

October 2023 Studio Update 1

October 2023 Studio Update #1 The Fourth Anniversary Approaches! I’m still having a hard time that I’ve been on this journey for four years. It’s hard to believe that my first Twitch stream (or first anything on this journey, really) was way back on 12 October 2019! It’s also hard to believe that my last […]