Idle Space Navy Devnote XXXVIII

Kicking Off 0.11 July 6, 2024 (at least in the time zone I’m writing this post). Today is the 588th day since I’ve set off on the journey that has been Idle Space Navy. There was the disorganized fun of the pre-Steam period, the reality check of the Steam release, and steady improvements in the game […]

Studio Update June 2024 #2: What Does My Support Do?

Studio Update June 2024 #2 What Does My Support Do? This studio update is going to be a bit more oriented toward the nuts and bolts of running Phoenix Aura as a business, and why I could always use more support in this creative journey. First up, Idle Space Navy has been huge for me! I […]

Studio Update June 2024: Whoa, Things Are Happening!

Phoenix Aura Studio Update June 2024 Whoa, Stuff is Happening! It’s been a while since I’ve had a general studio update as opposed to an ISN Devnote, so I figure it’s time to talk about the state of things and future plans. Idle Space Navy. Version 0.10.7 is out now, and a patch to it […]

Idle Space Navy Devnote XXXVI

Greetings, Commanders! There’s been precious little news since Devnote XXXV kicking off 0.10’s development, and there’s been a major reason for this: My vertigo from 2021-22 has recurred, and at the same time as I’m suffering from an as yet undiagnosed stomach ailment. I’m scheduled for a doctor appointment on Monday, so we’ll see how […]

Idle Space Navy Devnote XXXV

Kicking Off 0.10 So, it’s been a bit longer of a release cycle than I planned – a moderate illness followed by the loss of my sister derailed my energy – but now that I’ve recovered, I’m pleased to announce that the development of the 0.10 sequence has officially commenced! Here’s what all 0.10.0 will […]

January 2024 Studio Update

January 2024 Studio Update There’s More Here Than Just Idle Space Navy January 2024 has been easily one of the most eventful months in Phoenix Aura’s history, and it’s not just with the release of Idle Space Navy 0.09 – let’s take a look at everything that’s happened and everything that’s next. Idle Space Navy 0.09 has been […]

Idle Space Navy 0.09.0

You asked. We answered. The amount of feedback on Idle Space Navy since the Steam release in 0.07.4 has been astounding. Much of it has been about the user interface and the game’s learning curve. Now, however, Idle Space Navy 0.09.0 gives us a redesigned, more informative user interface for the Shipyard and Lab, better Daily […]

Idle Space Navy Devnote XXXIV

Centauri It’s been a bit since my last Devnote, and, well, first my birthday intervened, then a minor but persistent illness, then the holidays. There were also work projects for the end of the year, and shut up Arynnia, we want to hear how the game is going. Idle Space Navy 0.09.0 has been clearing a […]

End 2023 Studio Update

End of 2023 Studio Update A Happy New Year Coming Soon! Well, it’s the end of 2023. We’re into Year Five of the creative journey, and I’ll be the first to admit that 2023 has not been the huge comeback I wanted it to be. I’ve been streaming slightly more consistently, but definitely not up […]